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Discover new range of taste with the signature of old traditions

Fascinating glens, breathtaking cliffs, magnificent mountains and hills, pacified coastlines, dense mysterious forests, serene lakes – it would seem impossible to gather such unbelievable wonders of nature in one place, but this is what makes Scotland so unique. From way back each ancient Scottish clan had its own family secrets, old recipes and traditions in which they drew their strength and inspiration, passing their family heritage from generation to generation.

And it was only a matter of time, when all these incredible elements would be combined together and finally Calanais would be presented to the world – whiskey with a unique taste and signature of old traditions. Indeed we were able to comprise the spirit of Scotland and show it to the world in a completely new interpretation, which the world has never experienced or seen before, paying the tribute to the canons of the ancient craft of whiskey production, ranges of taste and quality tested by the years of experience.

Meet Our Calanais Whiskey!

Special sort of barley


Aging time

Following the old traditions, we used a special sort of barley, the grain distillate of which we kept in charred oak barrels for 5 years.

Using a unique recipe with an 8-step production technology, we derived a unique whiskey formula that shows its complex and simple nature at the same time.

And that is due entirely to the softness of the drink, its amber hue, richness and mildness of taste, and the ancient technologies with the help of which the aroma turned out to be very deep, varied, with a long crisp finish, gradually revealing in notes of vanilla, marmalade and oak.


From which side you will discover Calanais today, might be totally different tomorrow…

Discover new range of taste with the signature of old traditions!

“Unique taste beyond the edge of old traditions”

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